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What do you get when you cross a donkey jack  with a horse? (A mule).  A horse stallion with a donkey jennet (a hinny).  Aren't all hinnies female and mules male (no!)  Are all mules sterile (for all practical purposes, yes).  Aren't donkeys stubborn (nope!)  They won't gallop... (wrong again).  Where can you buy a Miniature Donkey? 

Are you interested in donkeys, mules or zebra hybrids?  Or just want to learn more and help dispel some of the myths about longeared equines?

If so, you've come to the right place.  The American Donkey and Mule Society maintains informative websites for those interested in the longeared  equines - the cousins of the more well known horse. From Miniature to Mammoth, Mule to Zorse, we have facts, photos, a catalog of literature, resources, and MUCH more. 

There is an EXTRAORDINARY amount of information on this site.  Although we've tried to make the pages as easy as possible to see and read, you'll need to scroll down on some to get all of the information!
The American Donkey and Mule Society,
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The big End Of Year Registration Swamping!  As with each November and December the mail volume doubles! This year many are sending extra registrations as well with the changes to the MDR Book.  PLEASE read the changes to the MDR book and understand that closing the book ONLY means that the way we register donkeys with Untraced Backgrounds is changing.  You will still be able to register ALL donkeys of ALL sizes as long as they meet the basic requirement.    This DOES mean though that we have nearly 2000 registrations in the office at this moment! Turnaround time is on average eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks. If you must ask about any certain animal PLEASE have the ENTIRE name of the animal on hand before enquiring.  It slows us down tremendously to have to stop and hunt for animals in any step of the process (from incoming mail to computer entry to proofing to the mailout station), more so if we have a partial or incorrect name.  Thank you!!!
Mules Can Do!  This mare mule, Squawlena, was many times Hi-point at both mule and horse shows.  This photo is of Lena pinning in the Hunter under Saddle classes at the Horse-O-Rama in Ft. Worth (1995) where she was Reserve Overall High Point.  Squawlena is owned by Diann Walker, Alvord TX.

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Is there anything cuter than a longeared new foal? Not much!  This little Miniature Donkey colt is "Carbon Copy" owned and bred by Little Longears Ranch,  Lynne Garrett, Tx.

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