Things to Know Before Buying an Equine

Private Sales
Many a good animal has been bought through an ad in the newspaper.  As long as
you know what questions to ask, you can find great deals, but if you don't know what
to look for, you can also get hurt.  If you don't understand about conformation,
movement, and more, be sure and ask a friend who is knowledgeable about equines
to go with you. Make up a list of things you are looking for (riding horse, guard
donkey, pet miniature, harness mule, etc) and know what you should look for in this
animal.  Also, be sure you can have your own vet examine the animal if you have
any questions.

Buying at Auction:
there are several reasons that an equine might be found at an auction.  Of course,
there are now the "exotic auctions" and "Select Sales" where more rules and
precautions are taken about bringing in good stock.  But if you stop in at the Every
Saturday Horse auction up the road, be aware that good horses needed a new
home, mediocre animals who just didn't sell after being advertised for a while, and
pure junk that won't sell any other way might all come through.  It's hard to do any
kind of pre-purchase exam at an auction.  ALWAYS insist on seeing health papers
and ANY records on the animal.  Watch it in the pens for as long as possible.  If  you
can have it caught and led out, do so.  You can lose your heart to that darling colt,
but why is he there in the first place.  Just remember caveat emptor - let the buyer

All -Important Health Exams:
You should never purchase any equine (horse, pony, donkey, mule, zebra or hybrid)
without making sure that it is current on all of it's health exams and vaccinations.  
Insist on a record of shots and worming, and a negative coggins test, preferably less
than 90 days old.  Have a health certificate issued by a vet (health papers are
usually good only for 30 days) before you make any final deals on the animal. If
necessary, bring in your own vet to do the work.  Better safe than sorry!

Must-do:  Understanding Quarantine:
Even though you have that negative Coggins in hand (Coggins is the test for Equine
Infectious Anemia) and health papers, play it safe and isolate your new animal from
the rest of your stable.  This is essential in show barns or breeding operations,
especially if you have youngsters and pregnant females.  One brief exposure to a
hidden ailment can wipe out an entire herd, and if you have just brought in a number
of animals, their immune status might be unknown.  Keep all vaccinations current,
and quarantine new animals. TEXAS Equine laws have just been changed so that
Coggins are not required for animals going to auctions!!!!  THIS COULD BE A
DANGER TO YOUR HERD if you do not follow through with isolation procedures -
Consulting vet advice is to isolate for 10-14 days!!!!

We were asked about fertility guarantees.  This can be done for adult animals,
namely jacks that have already gotten jennets or mares in foal, or jennies that are
in-foal or have already foaled.  There is no feasible way to guarantee fertility of a
foal.  One has years to wait before it can be bred, there are disease risks, as well as
conformation factors.  If one guarantees, what are your buy-back options?  Will you
be in business six or seven years from now and have kept that money to purchase
back in escrow?  If anyone has sound input on this, feel free to contact the ADMS
Office.  Thank you!

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