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VHOF/Versatility Hall of Fame

28 November 2023

A few of you have noticed there was not a Volume 5 Brayer magazine mailed out. There was not a volume 5 issue, and a volume 6 will be offered online only.

Abrupt change? Yes, and we have to apologize, but it's a lot of trickle-down that finally caught up with us. In the past, the Brayer was just barely covering cost to print and mail physical copies of each issue. This last year, it was not even managing that, with postal cost and paper cost increases. Additional factors (again postal cost to mail paperwork, which we have never charged additional for) and other earth-shattering—or at least our little corner of the world shattering—issues have led to a hard sliding stop for us.

We have lost or long time sponsor, through whom generous donations for many years kept us going. That donation made up for postal shortages, electric bills, book-keeper fees, and many other small things that must be paid each month in order for a very small Non-profit to keep revolving.

We are going to all electronic for the Brayer—it will be available to all members. We also must increase fees, but it is the only way to cover our costs. We can't keep up with post office increases without it. (Reminder, we haven't charged extra for postage, but instead rolled it into cost, and now that cost is exceeding the fees, we much change fees.)

We don't want to, but if we are to keep going, we either need a miracle donation, or rise in fees, or both. Right now we must go with the latter and hope for the former.

We are trying our best to teeter this tightrope and continue to bring this much needed service of pedigreeing your animals to you. We have talked with people for several months now—and we feel that having your papers is the best service to you and your animals. We need your help to keep going.

That's all we can say. We need you. Please help.

Thank you, Paul Hutchins (Pres ADMS) and Leah Patton, registrar.

A Note from Paul... Betsy and I founded ADMS 56 years ago and have NEVER taken a penny from ADMS. Our dedication to our role, scope and mission is still our goal. We wish to continue to provide services to our members. We still have many loyal members and wish them to continue to use our services. Thank you for your loyalty. Love to all. Paul and Betsy Hutchins, in absentia.

Contact: The American Donkey and Mule Society, 3401 Recreation Rd 3, Bonham TX 75418. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience the address change is causing. We tried several times to set up a new box and work with the Post Office, but it's too hard now with so many people doing things that are not right... (you understand, right?) We have had to shift to a different box number due to some crazy loopholes. Some mail may be on hold but this should release it to us. If you sent something to the PO Box, 75067 address, this forwarding order should be in place for one year. If you sent to the CR 2610 address (which we placed on newer memos and such) please see if it will be returned, and then send to us at the 3401 Recreation Rd 3 Address. Again, we are very sorry for this problem, but we've done everything we could on our end to solve this.