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REGISTRY changes 2009

Permanent ID OPTIONS 2010
The ONLINE Registration form is to be used for
all ew registrations of donkeys or mules of all
sizes. Please do NOT print the online form and
mail it in! ***************************
VHOF/Versatility Hall of Fame

PREFIXES: All animals must have a prefix in front of their name, example: My Farm
Name's Mary.
You may use your own prefix (My Farm's Name.) or the Breeder's. (You
cannot use  "third party prefix.  If the breeder Jones sells the animal to Smith and then Smith
sells it to Brown, Smith MUST register the animal to Smith if he wants his prefix on the name.  
In otherwords - either Jones as the breeder's prefix or Brown as the first person to register can
have their prefix. If you want your prefix on a registration, you should register the animal.)   If
you send an animal to a new owner with only an application, you risk losing your Farm Name
attached to the animal's name.  The first person to register the donkey can choose which prefix
either the breeder's or their own) will go in front of an animals name.  It happens often than
an animal may be sold more than once without being registered.  They still have their pedigree,
but may end up with a prefix from someone you have never heard of.  If you as the breeder
want to make sure your prefix is on the animals name, we strongly suggest you register it
yourself.  (Animals purchased with UNKNOWN breeders by default will have to use the new

WHATEVER you choose as a prefix will be yours from now on (the breeder's is their own and
may be  used on animals purchased from the breeder only). If you think the prefix you have
chosen may already have been used, call the office or list alternate choices. You must use your
prefix in exactly the same form each time. Do not use "Quote" marks and we prefer that you not
use periods (A.B.C.). Prefixes will not be duplicated, and if they are too close for the computer
to work with (Holly's and Hollys') you may be asked to pick a new prefix. Choosing a prefix and
registering your farm name are not the same thing. Your prefix may be part of your farm name
or something else.  
(PREFIXES SHOULD BE 13 total characters or less, to comply with the
total name length rules of 30 total characters.  If your prefix is very long, you may wish
to shorten it!!!)

Name changes will be accepted only under the following conditions. (All
conditions must be met.)
The animal must be under the age of 2. (No name changes on
animals over 2 years of age no matter age at registration.)
The animal may not have any
registered offspring. Written permission   from the first person to register the animal
must be submitted with the name change request.  Name changes are $10.00.
The Original
Certificate must be returned with the additional information, including NEW PHOTOS (one of
each side) if needed, preferably in summer coat in the case of unusual colors.  If the animal is
being transferred at the same time, the $5.00 transfer fee + $10.00 name change fee must both
be sent.

for mules and Mammoths) all animals should have their certificates re-issued with mature height,
mature photos and any color or other changes. The fee is $4.00. At this time the mature
registration certificate will be issued with current owner's name as well as all necessary changes.
(Send animal's Original registration certificate, mature height (owner is responsible for height
measurement), any color or  marking changes, and new photos with $4.00 fee for mature
registration certificate)
We have no temporary registrations, but request the 3 year old update
so that records and registration certificates will be accurate and up to date.  If you choose not to
update the actual certificate, please try to supply the Registry with one updated photo and mature
height of animals so their offspring will have correct information on future pedigrees.

MATURE HEIGHT: Please make sure mature heights are included on any paperwork for
animals over the age of three ( age 4 or 5 for Mammoths). If this is left off, it may result in
either a delay, or incomplete paperwork.  
Height should be taken at the withers using a
measuring stick,
not a flexible tape. Have an assistant hold the animal, and measure three times
to get a correct reading. Measurements should be given in 1/4 inches (we will not list smaller
than 1/8" increments).

Photos are required with ALL applications regardless of age. This rule has not
changed. We require
one photo of each side of the animal. (one left side-view, on right
side-view) Front-on and rear-on shots are not needed  unless they show an unusual marking.
Color Must be true in photos--especially on unusual colors such as sorrel/russet/roan.
We must be able to identify the animal in the photo. Photos that are too dark, the
animal is too far away, is in a group, or the shoulder stripe cannot be clearly seen are of no use.
If additional photos are required, your registration may be delayed. PHOTOS CAN BE
DECEIVING--please take photos level with the animals  (by crouching down with minis) and not
from above. If poor conformation is shown in photos, you may be asked to re-shoot photos and
again your registration may be delayed.

RE-ISSUE OF CERTIFICATE, A certificate may be reissued upon  request or due to damage
or other problems. Or changes in the animal such as color changes etc. The fee is $5.00.  
RE-ISSUE OF CERTIFICATE BECAUSE OF MISTAKE. If the mistake was made by the
registry the re-issued certificate is free. If the mistake was made on the registration application
the cost will be $5.00.  If you have LOST A CERTIFICATE see below.

LOST CERTIFICATE: We must have a written request, stating that the certificate was lost or
destroyed for our records by the current owner before we can replace these certificates. please
contact the office for the official Reissue form.  We will not reissue lost or destroyed certificates
without written request.  This is to protect against having two sets of papers issued on a single
animal.   There is a $10.00 fee for replacement.  New photos must be sent with reissues. We
will not be posting this form on the website as it is one of the few forms you must use an
original on.  Please contact the office with the name of the animal, the current owner, and an
address for us to send the reissue form to. Thank you!
ALL CHANGES TO CERTIFICATES: Transfers, updates, corrections, must be accompanied
by the original certificate, with photos attached. Do not mark on the certificate unless
corrections must be made or unless instructed to do so by the registry staff.  Immature
certificates have transfer information added  on and are returned to the new owner.
Do not remove photos from certificates. Foal photos will be returned
whenever possible when mature updates are recorded.

RUSH FEES - You must call ahead in order to send in a RUSH.  If you do not call ahead and get
a rush approval, your registration will not be processed as a rush. Rush fee is $30 per animal
PLUS whatever regular registry fees apply.  We do not encourage rushes, as they slow the
overall registrtion chain down considerably.  There are also cut-off dates for certain events.  
RUSHES still take up to a week from arrival at our office to being posted back to you.  We
cannot guarantee any overnight delivery.

you must write RUSH and the approval code on
the outside of the envelope.
If this is not done, your rush will not be completed in time.  There
will be no refund of rush fees if the rush rules are not followed and an incomplete application
(including the instructions above) are not sent and followed.

however Minis without both parents registered as minis will go in ADR after Juan 2009
.  Donkey jacks and jennets that meet the basic conformation requirements are accepted after
being inspected and filling out - as completely as possible - a registration application.  Please send
in BOTH the registration application and an inspection form (along with fees and photos).  
Donkey geldings and mules do not have to be inspected.  Please fill out a registration application
as completely as possible and send in (along with fees and photos).  If any parent info is known
at all, please include on registration application.  If you know that the sire is Bubba, brown mini
and the dam is Grannie, 34" gray-dun, list it in the proper area of the application.

If an exact birthdate is given, information about the DAM (mother) MUST be provided as
well.  We are unable to accept exact dates of birth if no info is provided on the dam. **** If one
or both parents  (horse or donkey) are not registered with ADMS, please provide  a photocopy
of their papers/ pedigree.  Please do not assume we can trace a pedigree from any other breed
registry.  Some can be traced with fees - which we have to pay as would anyone else.  If you do
not provide copies of outside registrations, pedigree will not appear on the papers.  **** We do
NOT need copies of ADMS registry papers for the parents of your animal sent to us - this is a
waste of your postage.  We have the records from all of our own registry in-house (MDR,
ADR/ADJR, AMR).  Assuring that the parent name, breed, color, height and registration number
are correctly listed on the application is all we need.  IF for some reason we need a copy of
parent papers, we will contact you.
Microchips, DNA or other permanent ID.  It is strongly suggested that you have DNA on file for
all animals, especially breeding jacks.  There are a number of labs and programs which work
with animal DNA for parent verification.   NO ONE form of ID is being required, the decision as
to the type of ID is being left up to the owner.

It is strongly suggested that
all stock be Microchipped or have DNA on file.  This was placed in
effect as a rule change to go into effect in Jan 2010, with all animals needing either an Elec.
Imp., lip tattoo,  freeze brand or DNA on File.  Lip tattoos were originally required by MDR and
would be acceptable as well.

All donkeys being registered in MDR (Miniature Donkeys) after Jan 2009 must have
both parents registered as Mininiature Mediterranean Donkeys.  The date for Permanent
ID in animals was moved to Jan 2010.  THE GRACE PERIOD HAS ENDED .  All MDR
new registrations must have permanent ID information/location shown on their
applications. IF NO ID is provided, Miniatures will go in the ADR book as American (or
European, etc) miniatures.   We will no longer call /email and ask for ID.

Rule changes or additions will be announced in the BRAYER magazine and on the
website when decisions are finalized.    
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